Complete refresh of a major national supermarket
high-class finish to exterior and component parts
Maintain an edge in visual identity in an ultra-competitive sector



Site had to remain operational and open for trading
Impacts on continuity of trading fed through to bottom-line
Balancing safety for customers and continuity of trade



Precision blended experience with specialist technical expertise
Material wastage reduced – expertise resulted in cleaner spray environment
Single point of contact at Precision to manage any rapid issues



Factory-like finish also able to withstand use and harmful corrosion
Public and site safety was ensured throughout
Trade was unaffected minimising disruption to ongoing business



“This was really impressive work by the Precision team. We are a demanding client as we operate in a super competitive sector where every customer visit or operational impact counts. So any adverse impact on our ability to operate or trade is felt straight away.

Precision quite simple did what they said they would when they said they would. It sounds simple but in my experience, this is more of a rarity when contractors say what they think we need to hear to get the job, over-promise and then disappoint with poor delivery.

Robin and his team showed professionalism throughout, technical ability and experience in managing the site with minimal impact for us which really mattered. They also had to do it in a period where we had shocking weather conditions so I constantly expected a call saying they couldn’t be on site. That call never came. We look forward to working with them again.”

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