It could be a coffee morning, a family gathering a dinner party, or showing a potential buyer your transformation.

How good does it feel when you close the door and reflect what you heard them say about the change you have made or how you heard them comment on how they loved the luxury finishes and the feeling of space and light.

First impressions count. As well as impressing others, we also want to enjoy and use our spaces too. Can you have both? Absolutely. And a good place to start is how to choose and use colour.

When talking colour, it’s about your vision for the transformation you want to make. Fancy a few tips from the professionals about using colour to create an impression of more space?


Can you ‘make’ space?


You can build more space but that’s expensive. So first things first. Imaginative use of colour can change the shape of a room. You can:

Create depth – a darker wall colour will bring it closer. A lighter colour feels further away.

We are not moles – avoid narrow hallways feeling like tunnels. Painting the end wall a darker shade than the side walls will help.


Let there be light


Whether costs or physical features create obstacles, you can still make things feel lighter….

Use contrast – darker colours in hallways make the rooms off them seem brighter and bigger. This works in commercial and residential spaces where using connecting hallways or passages are often overlooked.

The ugly duckling – There is nearly always a small space that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Standard solution: paint it white to force it to feel brighter….

Instead of swapping that smaller space for a small stark laboratory feel, try something warm. Or if you are brave, a feature colour or even bold wallpaper to create an intimate atmosphere.


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